Many years ago Kevin posted this page as a joke, comparing Piglet to an armadillo. Later, we noticed that somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of visitors who arrive at our site through a search engine are searching for information on armadillos. Who would have guessed?

Picture of an armadillo

Since we like armadillos too, here are links to web sites with more information about armadillos.

Wikipedia entry for armadillos (and the source of the above picture)
DilloScape - one of the most comprehensive armadillo sites on the web
Armadillo Online - another great resource for armadillo information

Did you know the nine-banded armadillo shown above is a recent arrival to the USA? This biogeography page shows how their range has expanded over the last 125 years.

We see them infrequently around our home in Austin, Texas.